[PENDING\TRIAL]qK.Jason Application

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[PENDINGTRIAL]qK.Jason Application

Post  Torch on Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:11 am

IG Name: Jason
Your qK name will be: qK.Jason
Favourite weapons: Pump, Deagle, M4
Age: 19
Country: United Kingdom
How many and which languages you speak?: Two, English, Polish.
Do you have Mumble and a working microphone?: I have mumble but no microphone.
Are you invited by a qK member\leader?: No.
Why do you pick qK over other clans?: Because it's a good clan with good activity, great teamwork, good skills. I want to come back because i'm active again and got a little bit better.
Can you be active everyday?: Yes.
If you'll be accepted as trial, will you be able to listen leader to improve?: Yes.
Do you think you have the necessary skills to improve and to become a clan member?: Yes.
Do you have any computer skills (Video editing, photoshop etc) or SA-MP Server skills (scripting, etc)?: Video Editing, Photoshop


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Re: [PENDING\TRIAL]qK.Jason Application

Post  Kuinn on Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:13 am

Reinstated, welcome back.


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